Hi, I'm Ana Paula Picasso!

Copywriter Specialized in Fintech, Crypto, Emerging Markets and Tech Innovation.

" I'm a self-taught marketer and writing is one of my passions."

What I Offer

Content Strategy

Bring your content to the next level with a well-thought and proven strategy.

Blog Posts / Articles

I will research and develop long-form, SEO optimized content to drive customers to your site, whether you are starting a blog from scratch or have underperforming material.

What I Write About

Fintech: Neobanks and Challengers banks, Open Banking, Regulations, Embedded Finance, Financial Services, Crypto as a Service, RegTech and more.
Emerging Markets: Investing, Tech Innovation, Startups, Fintech “Banking the Unbanked”, Funding and more
Blockchain: Cryptocurrencies / Stablecoins / other non-financial applications of Blockchain eg. Supply Chain etc., Decentralized Finance, Trade Finance, NFTs and more.

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About Me

My journey as a marketer started before the internet as we know it today. I saw, first hand, marketing going from the offline to the online world, taking me from traditional clients that had local businesses to a wide variety of marketing services on a global scale.

From the beginning, I saw the potential of content marketing to tell a brand story. The more I used it, the more I understood how you tell a story is just as important (if not more) as what story you’re telling.

I didn't limit myself only to written content, and recently I expanded to audio content with my 2 business-related podcasts.

Afterall, I'm a creator, not just a marketer.

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